by JF

REVIEW: Misleading Title Leads to a Plodder of a Read

The title here is misleading because very little of freemasonry’s arcane secrets are even discussed. What we get instead is typical Ankerberg faire: an appeal to authority and a grocery list of quotes from both freemasons and anti-masons alike, all revealing the fact that something very nefarious and decidedly UN-Christian indeed lies at the heart of the lodge; yet what that something is is largely left for the reader to imagine.

I have an idea, a pretty good idea, why Ankerberg doesn’t go there, doesn’t discuss much of the abstruse nature of speculative freemasonry, and chooses to warn Christians about masonry at a much more pedantic level: Ankerberg is simply not an abstract thinker. He is very much a concrete thinker. Thus I think he just gets bored with abstract concepts like occult symbology and secret meanings. So Ankerberg opts for what he’s good at: compiling lists. And again, as usual with Ankerberg, his lists of quotes spread thickly throughout his prose often contain some really candid and telling stuff.
However, I still have a beef with his choice for the title of this book. Again, it is entirely misleading. For I am an abstract thinker.

I would like to be warned about freemasonry’s occult symbology and secret meanings; to me and others like me, that stuff is hugely significant; don’t feed me a bunch of quotes from “authority figures” and leave it at that. Therefore, when I come across a book like this, with a title like this, and then bite down into it, it makes for some pretty doggone bland reading faire, let me tell you. This is a book that almost made me pick up television watching again–I seriously could have chosen a nice documentary on soil erosion rather than muscle through Ankerberg’s plodding, obvious prose at times.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ