by JF

REVIEW: Excellent Resource for the Just-Waking-Up-to-Reality Christian

Excellent resource for the Christian who wants to be on the lookout for the pagan symbols all around us in this fallen, debauched world in order to keep the Flock pure from adulteration via the multifarious images concocted by the enemy.

So far the enemy’s winning by a long margin, by the way, in getting Christians to adopt his symbols. So a book like this is wonderful and much needed material with which to begin to build up your own personal bulwark against the prince of the power of the air, the god of this world, old you-know-who. The illustrations are excellent; Burns’ comments are not quite as excellent as the illustrations, as they are somewhat superficial; still, Burns’ comments are accurate in what information they do present about each idolatrous symbol.

Once you read a book like this, you realize with a new and more profound level of sobriety what kind of a world we Christians really find ourselves in. I’m guessing it would be a good resource to help wake up some of your “pollyanna protestant” friends who think GW Bush is a Christian and “this is the Kingdom” already (or something like that), but I personally’ve not tried it. I don’t have the patience, frankly. God help me with that.

Anyway continuing on, this book is well-organized according to each profane symbol we need to be on the look out against.
Again, the real value of this book is as a reference resource, especially for the illustrations. This is really the reason I give it “5 pagan pyramids up.” Just don’t expect too many profound insights explaining where each symbol came from and you’ll be pleased.
Burns does offer up some light histories behind each or at least most of the pagan symbols presented, but for Hislopian-style intellectual protein you must look elsewhere.

I’ve noticed that pagans tend to freak out and attack this book (check out the number of hysterically vitriolic reviews at Amazon), so that tells me Burns is on target here, sure enough.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ