CODEX MAGICA by Texe Marrs

by JF

REVIEW: Intellectual Steak mixed with a portion of Silly Baloney

Texe Marrs has done some fine work in exposing the pernicious intrigues of the Illuminati in past books, and he does so again here; however, as with past books, there are some odd gaffes of fact (as when Marrs gives a bogus set of facts surrounding the death of Bill Cooper), and some outright obvious foolishness mixed in with fact, that serve to undermine his otherwise fine work.

Here, in this book, you have a lot of fantastic photos which show evil little plotting minions of the New World Order “signing” to each other with their respective little winks and hand gestures and secret handshakes; but you also have a lot of really lame, dubious photos thrown in that are just plain silly.

I tell you, Marrs would do himself and us such a service if he cranked up the dial of his own personal “baloney detector” because, as I said, a lot of his work is indeed valid and meritorious. This is a book which would actually be IMPROVED if you TOOK OUT about 1/3 of it!–the silly, the innocent, the accidental stuff, stuff which could just as easily be a guy scratching his nose as it could be some secret hand signal.

And, by the way, one last thing: Texe Marrs, when are you going to fully understand the overlording power of the Jesuit Order in the NWO?–Texe, you typically do a good job in exposing their misdoings to a degree, and you did it again here, and thank you for that; but like a dog returning to his own vomit you inevitably then go back to blaming “the Jews,” whoever they are (define “Jew” for us, Texe?); and if you mean “Labor Zionists,” they really are only middle-manager elite types who take their orders from Jesuit bosses. Heed the challenge of Daryl Eberhardt, Mr. Marrs. Do your homework. Read Eric Jon Phelps’ “Vatican Assassins.”

What you are doing when you start blaming “the Jews” is helping to inch this once great, now lost nation toward the world’s next shameful pogrom, the Gentile’s next attrocious holocaust against “the Jews.” Read your KJV bible, Texe–this is still the “Time of the GENTILES” after all; and, as you yourself point out in this very book, the Zionists had nothing to do with the assassination of Abe Lincoln, but the Jesuits had a lot to do with it. That’s a heckuva lot of power that you are only partially comprehending, Texe.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ