by JF

REVIEW: This Was the Book Where Johnson Quit Wrestling with God and Was Blessed

This was a fantastic book by the founder of the “Intelligent Design” movement which a Publisher’s Weekly Reviewer, who clearly had an evolutionary axe to grind, completely ripped in his review. So needless to say this is my favorite of all of Phillip Johnson’s perspicacious books, because here we find him after his conversion to Christianity, after he’d had a stroke and had to give up wrestling with God and just submit to him. It’s harder for brilliant people to come to Christ, even brilliant ones who for years now have seen through the folly of the dominant evolutionary religion of our day. This book is an absolute delight: Phillip Johnson keeps his brains, but lowers his guard to reveal an altogether warm and human side: He evinces true Christian humility finally–but beware, Darwinists, Johnson nevertheless retains all of his ruthless powers of logic.
Because of this extremely rare display of emotional warmth from a heretofore demandingly and rigidly logical man, this would be truly a threatening book to the modern magisterium of atheistic professor/priests, were it to be placed into the hands of many more naturalist-indoctrinated, dumbed-down, hapless student-victims of the modern, atheistic-religioned, gov’t schools. This book appeals to both Thinkers and Feelers. It is rare. It is incisive. It is potent. And what’s ironic is, it has the most mundane title of any of Johnson’s many books.

I simply loved this book.

Fifty years from now when evolution is dead and buried with all the other phrenologies and phlogistons and geo-centric universe theories of past ignominious history, Phillip Johnson will be remembered as the guy who drove the first stake through its heart, the same way we think of Galileo and what he did for astronomy. Both stood up to sclerotic universal dogmas and were impugned by the mainstream blockhead pundits of their resprective eras.
Fortunately, both truth and science live longer than human beings and go on to outlast the erroneous orthodoxies of a given era. And of course the Word of God lives longer than that, in case anybody’s keeping count.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ