by JF

Meticulously and exhaustively footnoted, replete with vivid color photographs and intriguing diagrams and charts, the author still finds space in which to interpose all these with articulate prose which is everywhere studded with scientific facts and incisive extrapolations stemming from those facts, all of which render the darwinian myth and mainstream popular explanations of extinct creatures embarrassingly absurd.

Walt Brown explains the reality of the Noahic Flood with startling clarity and in great detail. He explains the current geology of the earth and the shifting of continents in a way that makes more sense than anything else this reader has ever read. His explanation of earthquakes and the process and significance of liquifaction, of the many discoveries of frozen mammoths in Siberia, of the Oceanic Ridges, of the history of fraud among materialist fossil hunters and interpreters, and many other facets of geology and archaeology, makes so much sense and is so full of scientific fact and reasonable plausibility that any Darwinist would cringe and bristle in reading this.

This is a tremendous work which scientifically blows apart easily any geology, archaeology, or anthropology textbook currently being studied in American institutions of so-called learning.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ