by JF

It states on the dust jacket of this book that it “makes every previous book on World War II obsolete” and this book does just that. Sutton may have been the most significant historian of the twentieth century. To be sure, he is the most significant historian that most people haven’t heard about. Though a dry and analytical writer, his research abilities were impeccable, and his integrity was surely extraordinary.

Here he proves that World War II was not only well planned, it was also extremely profitable–for a select group of insiders. Sutton cites those insiders as: J.P. Morgan and his interests, the Rockefeller dynasty and their Standard Oil interests, General Electric, Texaco, I.G. Farben, Kuhn, Loeb & Company, John Foster Dulles, W.A. Harriman, Henry Ford, Chase and Manhattan and National City Banks, FDR, General Marshall, etc. In other words, all the usual suspects. Except, back when Sutton was writing and publishing his work, it was less well known who the usual suspects were. It is only thanks to trailblazing researchers like Gary Allen and Antony Sutton that we now know who these usual suspects are.

The Young Plan, the Dawes Plan, Hitler’s failed Bavarian “Beer Hall Revolt,” Hitler’s successful election campaign and Reichstag false flag operation–the whole thing, the entireity of what became bellicose and occultic Nazi Germany was financed by international bankers and their politician-puppets in both the United States and Great Britain, for which they reaped tremendous and lasting profits and greater and greater power, until, here we are today, and a great and profoundly truthful historian like Sutton could barely get his research published at all while he was alive, and he had to suffer the Galilean indignity of being forced out of his position as university professor and prestigious thinktank researcher, all because of a mainstream media that has been co-opted by these same quasi-totalitarian international financial elites that he was trying to warn about. This is where we are at, folks. Sutton irrefutably proves this with this work, for those with eyes to read and minds that are still capable of critical thought. Perhaps the most shocking thing Sutton documents is the historical fact that the German factories which were owned or affiliated with the big Wall Street financiers were routinely spared being bombed by the American Air Force.

This book is invaluable, a must-read if one is to understand the true causes of the most destructive and bloody conflagration in the twentieth century.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ