by JF

This reader could only read about half of this book before he had to stop and never read it again–and it wasn’t because it was a bad book. It was an impeccable book: impeccably written, impeccably researched. The problem is that its subject matter is so grotesque and tragic, and so true at the same time, and the author has included so many specific and minute details about the incredibly sordid history of the IBM corporation and its profit-hungry collusion with the Nazi regime in the 1930s, that the reader is overwhelmed and acutely disheartened. Of course, the realization that the IBM corporation, and other amoral, profiteering American corporations continue to thrive and nowadays govern in our own society is the point where the reader really must guard against slipping into despondency.

This is a book that had to be written. This history had to be documented and it had to be documented in this exacting, exhaustive detail. But the reader who knows the truth about the modern corporate-fascist state of America should be forewarned that this is an account which could easily trigger an extended bout of depression if they attempt to trudge through it. Of course, for the average American idiot who gets his news from a major media source, this book will only evoke a state of severe dumbfoundedness, followed by a temporary mental paralysis, followed by the brainwashed individual’s well conditioned defense mechanism of blinking his eyes, snapping out of it, and then going about his daily business and putting it out of his mind forever.

This is a vile book; this is a monumental book. It’s just that it is only a must-read book for those who can handle it, or those who would be gathering up evidence for the criminal prosecution that will never happen in this fallen temporal existence.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ