THEIR LIVES by Candice Jackson

by JF

The Good: The full title of this book (Their Lives: The Women Targeted by the Clinton Machine) is a rebuttal to the self-aggrandizing title of Bill Clinton’s autobiography and probably could not be improved upon.

This book is actually one of the few resources the public has for endeavouring to find out more about the seven most noteworthy women with whom Bill Clinton ever abused his position and used taxpayer resources to commit adultery and/or sexually assaulted and/or outright raped. Those seven women are: Elizabeth Gracen, Sally Perdue, Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Monica Lewinsky, and Juanita Broaddrick. There truly is a dearth of information in mainstream publications on the voluminous sexually-related charges these women made against Clinton. Well, they didn’t nickname him “Slick Willie” for nothing. At any rate, this rather quick read of a book goes some way towards filling that void in the popular culture.

The Bad: The author is a rather young post-graduate from two secularly prestigious private universities and she evinces all the ignorance that goes along with that: In other words, if we as 21st century Americans were living in the movie The Matrix, which we practically are, then Ms. Jackson would definitely be a “blue pill swallower.”

She still sees the American political spectrum as a battle between “left vs. right” or “democrats vs. republicans” or “liberals vs. conservatives,” rather than recognizing the secret-societal and monetary-dynastic powers behind the scenes that pull the strings on all of that “left vs. right” pro-wrestling crap. A lot of her apparent mystification over how Clinton could successfully get away with what he got away with would instantaneously disappear if she just pulled her head out of the mainstream disinformation media system. But again, the prestigious post-grad indoctrination she’s been subjected to will almost certainly preclude her from ever comprehending behind-the-scenes reality.

Indeed, Jackson is so far gone in believing the garbage the mainstream propaganda mill has been selling her that (because she does possess obviously above-average intelligence) she quite ironically evinces a slight sense of smugness over having adopted “libertarianism” as her pet political creed. She somehow feels this places her above all that “left vs. right” stuff.

Oh, spare me. Where does one begin with a mind that is nothing but a repository of bad information? As usual nowadays, the prophet Hosea can herein be justifiably invoked, so let’s go ahead and do it: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”

Whole chunks of this book are nothing but Ms. Jackson politically moralizing against what she calls “liberalism.” No doubt, if the reader watches Fox News or CNN, or reads Time or Newsweek magazine, these parts are actually readable. But for the reader who is not a mind-numbed victim of the mainstream media and education systems, these parts of the book need to skipped over if the reader hopes to keep any hair in his head at all. This highlights perhaps the greatest weakness of the book for most any reader: This book could use more facts, and fewer of the author’s opinions. Indeed, this reader wishes that Jackson had delved into the lives of a few more women from Clinton’s adulterous harem—Dolly Kyle Browning and Susan McDougal, for instance. These Clinton conquests were omitted by the author.

The Attrocious: Ms. Jackson inconsistently carries her libertarian defense of female rights only so far, as she sure as hell doesn’t give a damn about the liberties or even the lives of unborn baby females. She makes it nauseatingly clear several times that she equates what she calls “women’s rights” with legalized abortion on demand. God help us.

Rating: Δ Δ