by JF

REVIEW: Without Concrete References, They Can’t and Shouldn’t Expect Anyone to Believe This

As the esteemed researcher Antony Sutton once observed about this book, it is a work wholly void of any concrete proofs whatsoever. O’Brien claims to have been a mind-control victim her entire life, that she had a gov’t “handler” who programmed her to be used by HIGH-ranking U.S. gov’t officials for various assignments, the vast majority of which are too despicably lewd to mention aloud or to write down on paper. We have heard this many times before from other so-called “presidential models” who keep emerging and trying to blow the whistle, people like Candy Jones, Kathleen Sullivan, Brice Taylor, and Annie McKenna. So this stuff is out there, these vile occultic MK-Ultra and Monarch program black-ops. And Christians above all other people should not hide their heads in the sand and immediately go into “willful ignorance” mode over this stuff, because Christians above all other people should know–if they are studying their Bibles–that the Enemy is very real, and that this world is his playground, and that until Jesus comes back to sweep him away, the Devil’s power and deviant malice are going to wax very, very strong for a time. So I have no doubt that some things in this book by O’Brien and Phillips are going on somewhere in gov’t today.

In addition, I must admit, the descriptions of the personalities of the respective debauched politicians in this account ring uncannily true.

That said, however, there are again NO concrete proofs in this book. NONE. No references whatsoever. The entire book is the result of what O’Brien recalls via hypnotic sessions with her new “handler,” this man Phillips, who just doesn’t seem to be an honest man, frankly. He is very polished, smooth-talking, smooth-writing–and with his previous gov’t intelligence ties, one cannot help but wonder if poor Cathy O’Brien isn’t still being somehow used. Phillips never does sufficiently explain his emotional interest in O’Brien. And his divorce from his previous wife just seemed a little too convenient, and all of this was briefly and glibly explained away.

Look, we can’t go around placing too much trust in books which offer no factual references. All it takes is once–one unwarranted placement of trust–for a person or a movement to lose all credibility. That shouldn’t even have to be said.

So if the horribly debauched, despicably evil events which are described in this book really did happen to Ms. O’Brien, then my heart goes out to her. But until she and this Phillips guy could gather together some kind of concrete proof to support their claims, they just should have shut up about it, and stop expecting others to believe it. Pretend this is a court of law, for a change: Give us the evidence, not just reveries.

Rating: Δ Δ