by JF

REVIEW: Brilliant, but for the “Leftist” bias…

I find the information in this well-written book to be compelling, fascinating, believable, and sickening. Constantine is on the money. I just have one complaint: as an obvious “Leftist,” he constantly harps against “ultra-Right” nefarious personages, while he never once refers to anyone as “ultra-Left”. It is sad to see that a guy as wise as Constantine still, as of 1995 at least, had not been able to think outside the “left/right” box that the Establishment has us all in. I mean, if it is so difficult for someone as intuitive as Constantine to take his eyes off the shell game and focus on the guy shifting the shells, what chance do most of the rest of us regular folk have of not being so hypnotized? Look, folks, fellow Americans, we need to realize: It ain’t about “left/right” anymore; those old differences should now be placed firmly in the background, because BOTH sides are controlled by the same evil elites, taking us down the road to global dictatorship.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ