PROPAGANDA by Edward Bernays

by JF

REVIEW: You’ve Gotta Be Kidding Me–This Guy Wrote This in the 1920′s!?

This astonishing little book, written back in the 1920′s, was the product of the sick and arrogant mind of the nephew of Sigmund Freud, Edward Bernays. That kind of a bloodline ought to tell you something. Clearly a lifelong media-mogul elitist who never had to work an honest day’s work in his life, Bernays calls for the manufacturing of public opinion via his beloved medium, the mainstream media, for the betterment of society–for both the ruling elite, and the dumbed-down cattle-like masses of common folk. In short, he calls for brainwashing, for you and me. Again, this is back in the 1920′s.
Before television. It is critically important to remember that, because, if this 1920′s media-manipulating elitist can seriously call for the methodical indoctrination of populations in order to better make up their minds for them–because after all we common folk are just idiots without the help of our rulers–then can you imagine what the media-controlling elites think they can do “for our own good” now that they have the weapon of television to use against us??!!

This 1920′s book remains a wake up call for us today. The cockiness, the arrogant style with which Bernays nonchalantly writes, would be laughable if it wasn’t for the fact that guys like him were in positions of power back then, and guys like him remain in positions of power today. For this elitist Bernays to write this book so as to sugarcoat the word “propaganda”–as he specifically states at the beginning of his book–is galling. And again, it is worth repeating (because it is the best reason for sitting down and forcing yourself to read this book for yourself, as I did): It is chilling to think what the contollers of today’s media think of us contemporary commoners, we hapless partakers in their perniciously persuasive products, if they could be this headlong arrogant and magisterial way back in the 1920′s.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ