by JF

REVIEW: Fighting the Commies by Destroying Young American Minds

During the so-called “Cold War” there was a frenzy of CIA-backed projects in what came to be known in popular culture as “mind control.” Official titles for some of these projects were: Operation Bluebird, Pandora, Artichoke, and the infamous MK-Ultra Project. Of course, also driving these projects was a bunch of Nazi doctors that were brought over to the U.S. after WWII. But hey, this was all being done to “defend the free world,” so it was said. The whole Red Scare thing. After all, the Soviets might have mind control, so we’d better have it too. This party line, of course, can only be swallowed if you haven’t read Antony Sutton and have become aware of the fact that the Bolsheviks were funded right from the start, and then continually there on out, by international financiers operating out of Wall Street.
But if you know about Sutton and what he proved in his many books, then you have to conclude that the “Cold War,” and these bizarre and amoral experiments in mind control, were about something else.
Maybe it was just about control.

Author Alston Chase gives us the historical background behind Ted Kaczynski, what he was like as a young man, then compares it to how his personality disintegrated when he became the notorious “Unabomber.” What we find is a gifted and guileless young college student, a brainiac nerd if you will, from a secularist middle-class American family, who, upon entering into Harvard University makes the mistake of volunteering to be the subject (read that, “guinea pig”) of an amoral psychiatric experimentation led by controversial psychiatrist Henry A. Murray. Apparently, the things which young Kaczynski and the other hapless volunteer victims were subjected to were degrading and rather grueling. Chase makes the salient point that some of the other students, though probably deleteriously affected by Murray’s methods of playing “head games” with his subjects, were nonetheless better able to endure it than Kaczynski because Kaczynski’s home life, stemming from his parents, was unsettling and totally ungrounded in any kind of spiritual awareness. In any case, young Ted Kaczynski cracked. It would be years before he would go south and morph into the Unabomber, but Chase maintains that he was clearly never quite the same since his Harvard days.

Interestingly, however, the later Kaczynski, the Unabomber Kaczynski, never evinced much animosity toward his old Harvard alma mater, while he did evince a lot of it towards everything from Berkeley U. (where he would go on to teach), to his own mother, to modern materialist society in general. But for researchers into this recent and already macabre history of mind control, this would not automatically refute Chase’s theory, because this is a field of shadows, where nothing is true and everything is true, and what’s true one day may not be true the next, and the bottom line is, when you’re talking about mind control, you’re talking about hypnosis gone bad, and it could very well be that Kaczynski, if he did get a bad dose of psychosis from the Harvard U. boys, could very well have been programmed to “forgive and forget.” Hey, this is mind control. That’s why they call it that. Read some of the works of Peter Levenda or Alex Constantine if you think I’m lying.

I should add that Alston Chase is a very savvy writer. That combined with the compelling and obscure history lesson on how one almost-regular guy goes completely haywire all over society makes this a book which turns its own pages. You won’t want to put it down. The only thing is, the reader is never quite sure whether the depraved experimentation Kaczynski was exposed to at Harvard was or was not an actual component of operation whatever, operation something something, or whether it was just this twisted sicko Henry A. Murray’s way of getting a few laughs for himself at other’s expense. But intriguingly, Murray’s “studies” were conducted at the same time as other intelligence-backed mind control projects were occurring all across the country, and Canada. (Note: Can any non-TV watcher really doubt that they are not still currently happening?) Also, the descriptions of the methods employed by Murray don’t sound all that different from the descriptions which have been gleaned by outside researchers of these other more notorious Nazi-led American mind control programs. Not as brutal, maybe, but at least as manipulative. How this guy Murray, who was publically recognized as an exhibitionistic sexual sadist even in his own day, could ever be allowed to put on a whitecoat and play “authority figure” over impressionable, shatterable young minds is 100% galling, and is something that only God is going to be able to sort out someday.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ