A CHRISTIAN MANIFESTO by Francis Schaeffer

by JF

REVIEW: Typical Brilliant Schaeffer

Similar to other Schaeffer works, that is to say, exceptional, brilliant, and thought-provoking. Explains Romans 13 so that Erastian Christians can stop their state-worshipping and get on with serving the Lord more Scripturally, less worldily. Those false teachers who today teach a perverted interpretation of Romans 13, that of so-called “unlimited submission to authority” typically despise this work of Schaeffer’s, because Schaeffer, in this his last work, came to the conclusion that there is a point when Christians must not obey evil government. Such of today’s false teachers are want to attack Schaeffer for this, disparaging him as suffering too much from the cancer when he wrote this to have been lucid anymore.

Read the book. It’s today’s false-teaching cowardly pastors who have lost their lucidity, not to mention their grasp on Scripture.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ