SAVE ISRAEL by Barry Chamish

by JF

Another compilation of essays by Barry Chamish which reveal the intrigues and the evil in the high places of the modern nation of Israel. As with seemingly any other book by Chamish, the essays are assembled rather haphazardly: Each essay stands on its own and tends not to deal with the same subject matter, much less merge smoothly into the subject matter of the essays which bracket it. These essay collections by Chamish ought more properly to be labeled as such, in the same way as other essayists more properly labeled their stuff–George Orwell comes to mind. With Orwell, who was of course a tremendous essayist, his novels are labeled as novels, his full-length non-fiction was labeled as full-length non-fiction, and his essay compilations were labeled as such. But for some reason, Chamish prefers to label his essay compilations as though they were full-length non-fiction treatises, which they are not. They are apparently merely printed collections of his essays which he regularly sends out to fans or, these days, to anyone on his email list.

Having said all that for the sake of clarification, it should be noted that Chamish’s essays are extremely valuable for anyone seeking to understand the specific diabolic intrigues of geo-politics within, and as pertains to, the modern geo-political construct we know as Israel.
As with seemingly any other Chamish work, many of the essays here deal heavily with the specific conspiratorial truths behind the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin; and, again, as with no doubt all of Chamish’s work, the most dastardly Israeli high-intriguer is Shimon Peres.

In herein documenting the elitist institutions which seek to wrest unjust control of modern day Israel Chamish rails against the Council on Foreign Relations quite a bit–no doubt justifiably–and he does expose the intriguing of the Vatican quite often. For those already familiar with Chamish, these are usual suspects for him to identify; they should of course be the usual suspects for everyone on planet Earth to identify, but then not very many people care to be as canny as Chamish.

The thing with Chamish is this: Although he tends to ramble, tends to be diffusive–probably even disorganized–and here he also tends to be more than a little bit churlish even to his listeners (trust me, I know about this personally)–he nevertheless tends to be right a whole lot more than he tends to be wrong; and this book, as with all of Chamish’s work, is a valuable resource for understanding all things underhanded and conniving about modern Israeli geo-politics.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ