HOW SHOULD WE THEN LIVE? by Francis Schaeffer

by JF

REVIEW: A work of humble soul, genius intellect

Incredibly thought-provoking; stimulating; a work of real genius. Schaeffer knew more about the history of mankind and of what mankind is suffering from, down through history and at this very moment, than anyone else I’ve ever read. Only C.S. Lewis comes close. I can remember, years ago before I knew anything, really, having to take a course in philosophy at the local secular junior college. I was a moron then. I knew nothing. So when, after an entire semester of being introduced to the labrynthine speculations of philosophers from all around the world, espousing everything from agnosticism to myriad pantheisms, I can still remember feeling disillusioned that there must not be any such thing as “Christian philosophy.” After all, it was not included in a course which included pretty much everything and anything. Well then I went to a Christian college the next year, and I was introduced to Francis Schaeffer, first through this book then through others, as well as C.S. Lewis. Both of their philosophical work smashes to bits any of the absurdities posing as profundities which I’d been forcefed in secular college. It was a deliberate and calculatingly biased omission that these two intellectuals of the 20th century were left out of my “general” philosophy class.

Though I can see what they were afraid of. Francis Schaeffer does more than open up minds with his Christian philosophical arguments–his work could easily be used to bring inquiring minds to Christ. It is extremely cogent, and thought-provoking, and fascinating, and logical, and Scriptural, and all things good and true. Can you tell I’m a big fan of Francis Schaeffer?

Perhaps the most fascinating illustrative tool Schaeffer uses is his consistent comparison of artists’ work down through history and how these works anticipated and reflected the times in which the respective artists lived. Shaeffer is of course correct in his assertion that artists are much more sensitive to the things around them, and hence their works in a way can act as a form of historical time capsules. Utterly enthralling stuff. Now here’s a man I long to meet up with in heaven!

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ