PERFIDY by Ben Hecht

by JF

REVIEW: Where was this history?; Why Wasn’t I Taught This?!

Truth is almost always more interesting than fiction, in my estimation. So when author Ben Hecht, an accomplished writer who published this book in the early 1960s, herein combines his writing skills with impeccable research work about some really sinister and mostly hidden events leading up to the establishment of a Rothschildian nation of Israel in 1948, it makes for quite an extraordinary read.

This is one of those times when you had better just leave your preconceptions at the door, prior to entering and reading this thing, because Hecht is giving us history here which has been obviously excised at some very high levels, probably in all English-speaking countries, and certainly in the U.S.

Hecht tells the true story of Malchiel Greenwald, an aging idealist and maverick self-employed pamphleteer, who is barely getting by in life but is never flagging in his drive to tell the truth and to take on corruption–I don’t know if this Greenwald guy was as honest and guileless as Hecht portrays him, but put it this way: if Greenwald was half that honest, you still gotta love the guy. Anyway, Greenwald learns of secret, suppressed, and very sinister dealings between the leading Zionist figures in newly re-formed Israel, and Nazi officials, back in WWII. Turns out, some Nazi officials had offered to spare the lives of about a million eastern European Jews–spare them from the gas chambers of Auschwitz–and send them on to Palestine, in exchange for a grocery list of material goods that the early Zionist leaders were well able to fill. And guess what. The Zionist leaders balked. They let their fellow Jews rot–they let them get burned up. Why? Because these million Jews whose lives were on the line, these were poor Jews. And the Zionist leaders, Ben-Gurion and all the rest, they didn’t want any poor people “bringing down the neighborhood” of their newly established state. So they let a million of their fellow Jews be massacred. When they could have saved them. This doddering old journalist Greenwald, he actually takes a high-ranking Israeli gov’t official–a guy named Kastner–to court, for having been complicit in this abandonment of a million Jews. And it’s a really David and Goliath affair, with everyone in the court and outside the court expecting this ridiculously naive old idealist pamphleteer to be crushed and thrown in prison for slander.

But the impossible happens. Justice triumphed. The attorney for Greenwald, a left-over ex-Irgun freedom fighter (we’ll talk about them later) is an unmitigated and all-too-rare hero, and the judge of the case also turns out somewhat heroic, because although he was initially put off by even having to try the case, at a certain point he could not refute the growing stack of evidence against his own gov’t, and his own sense of decency and honor welled up in him, causing him to do the right thing.

Now for the twist: Turns out, what nearly everybody in the United States doesn’t know is, the Zionists who established Israel really don’t represent the Israeli people at all. They represent the Rothschild’s banking interests, which of course is/was also heavily and secretly linked to British banking interests. So we find that during the formation of Israel, British elitists called the tune, and these Zionist elitists did the dancing. The British really come off as one ugly race of people, when you read this account. I never knew they allowed an entire cruiseliner full of Jewish people to die out in the ocean rather than enter into a port in Palestine, because it is information not readily available in the U.S. (and, no doubt, Britain), but Hecht documents it.

The early Zionists, and their British handlers, they wanted to form a new nation of Israel, all right. But they wanted the right kind of clientele. Basically, if you were a Jew with some kind of money, you could avoid the Holocaust that was going on in eastern Europe and be accepted into Israel; but if you were a Jew with no money, the doors were closed to you, and you were given over to Hitler’s henchmen. This is the way it worked. Hecht proves it in this book.

But the plot thickens: it also turns out that there was another group of Zionists who were competing with the Rothschildian Zionists. These were called the Irgun. If I sound naive for never having heard of this history before, please forgive me. I was never taught it. This is the deplorable state of censored world history education in my country, the U.S. Anyway, the Irgunists, perhaps they may have been terrorists to some people; probably to certain Palestinians they would have been, I don’t know. Again, I am just coming to grips with this suppressed history. But this much I can say for certain, these Irgunists, under the leadership of this man Jabotinsky–they were struggling with the Rothschildian Zionists over how to form Israel, and they were much more principled and trustworthy true to the everyday man than the Rothschild lackeys, but the Rothschild Zionists betrayed them and extinguished them, just like powerful Machiavellian money-worshippers have a historical habit of doing to anyone still retaining a shred of non-money-worshipping humanity in their souls. This is all known history in Israel; this is virtually unknown in the U.S.–and why is that? Why is that, you think? By chance? Pick again, Charlie. Pick again and lose your cognitive dissonance, your willful ignorance, at the door. Read this book and drop all those blinders. Get closer to the real truth about this world.

And don’t you dare–don’t you even DARE–to try to figure out what is going on in the Middle East right now, with biblical prophecy and “a revived Israel,” blah, blah, blah–don’t you dare try to figure out what modern Israel is about till you read this wonderful book by Ben Hecht. Do you hear me, you futurist, “pre-trib” false-teachers? School yourselves; do your homework; stop parroting information you’ve got from other false teachers about modern-day Israel, when you haven’t even done any homework on the subject at all.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ