by JF

REVIEW: Raw but Impeccably Researched
Having previously read a book by Barry Chamish that was essentially nothing more than raw journal notes packaged as a book (Traitors and Carpetbaggers in the Promised Land), I was hoping this would be a more cohesive presentation. It was not. It was a long collection of short articles written by Chamish; there is no attempt to codify them into a collective whole, other than the binding. As such, this book–like aforementioned collection of Chamish essays–makes for a disjointed read: the reader just can’t get into any rhythm with it, since articles differ in topic so much, and since chunks of the sources pockmark the main part of the text as is Chamish’s apparent custom.
However–and here’s the thing–if you can get past all that, if you press on and read Chamish, you will be rewarded with extraordinarily esoteric information about the true nature of the present nation of Israel and its sordid and highly suppressed real history.

This book especially rewards the reader who will press on to the finish, because near the end is where all these disparate articles really start to heat up in terms of shock value as well as thematic cohesiveness, with Chamish outlining some really heinous acts committed in the past century by various evil Labor Zionist bigwigs, from murdering their own people en masse during the Holocaust in collaboration with the Nazis, to murdering poor Sephardic Yemenite Jew children en masse in collaboration with amoral U.S nuclear scientists after WWII. Sound crazy? Too crazy to be true? Yeah, and that’s exactly what enables them to get away with it, too. Oh, and wait till you get to the part (near the end, of course) where Chamish nails it down, explaining the history behind what some call “Labor Zionism,” how it all goes back to a certain despicable false Jewish messiah from the 1600s–this being Shabtai Tzvi, and the evil minion who resurrected his cult for good about 100 years later, one Jacob Frank.

Look, you simply can’t understand the present nation of Israel, you can’t understand the foundations of Zionism, unless and until you digest Barry Chamish’s ultra-rare information. What he lacks in conceptual book stylistics he more than makes up for in singularly brave and incisive journalistic fact-finding.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ