by JF

Like all of Avro Manhattan’s works, this one is rife with astounding, behind-the-scenes information on the Vatican. Manhattan’s particular focus in this book is the geopolitical intrigues of the Vatican during, and especially after, WWII. In documenting the Vatican’s political maneuvering in the 20th century, its habit of aligning itself with the leading world power for a given decade or two, and then later lubriciously “changing horses” to align itself with another rival world power, only to return again to the other, original world power a decade or two later–this all smacks vividly of the Whore that rides the Beast in the Book of Revelation.
Though Manhattan seldom ever documents his many spectacular claims, even a cursory glimpse at his resume and his personal contacts reveals that he would be one of the few men in the world to have the connections to know such things as he is claiming.
One of those spectacular claims is that, during WWII, a popular, patriotic, Yugoslavian general named Mirkovic overthrew the mass-murdering Roman Catholic Ustashi government for a brief five-month period and nearly succeeded in sending the Yugoslavian Air Force to bomb the Vatican itself! And, though Vatican espionage and a rapid Hitler reprisal foiled this grand endeavor of Mirkovic at the last moment, what Mirkovic’s efforts actually did was to delay Hitler’s invasion of Soviet Russia, and this was probably, more than anything else, the reason that Hitler failed later to take Moscow!
Another spectacular claim by Manhattan involves the Vatican Bank Scandal of the 1980s. According to Manhattan, the Reagan administration bailed Pope John Paul II out by sending him untold millions from secret slush funds, in exchange for Vatican support of the 1984 Reagan presidential campaign.
This book explains that John Paul II was chosen as pope due to heavy backstage CIA involvement in an effort to swing the designs of the Vatican back to the U.S., away from the Soviet Union, which the Vatican had been favoring during the reigns of the previous two popes.
Finally, this book explains the reason for the many uprisings in South and Central America in the latter half of the 20th century, and it explains thoroughly the agitating force behind every one of them: the Marxist-Catholic politico-religious bastard offspring called “Liberation Theology.” Manhattan shows how the guiding hand behind Liberation Theology has always been–you guessed it–the Society of Jesus.
Interestingly, there appears to have been a serious schism between the wishes at that time of the Vatican proper and those of its on-again U.S. ally vs. the Marxist-Jesuit priestly hierarchy of Latin America, whose ideology was a holdover from the previous two papacies. This finally explains to this reader the whole CIA-funded Contras-in-Nicaragua fiasco.
This book truly unveils a lot that remains deliberately obscured for the average American.
Ominously, Manhattan’s final summation is that the U.S. is, from here on out, doomed. Manhattan warns that, by re-aligning itself with the Vatican since the 1980s, the U.S. will inevitably lose everything and suffer horrendously and permanently, no matter how future events unfold.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ