by JF

Typical Barry Chamish stuff here. If you’ve read anything by Chamish, you’ve probably got the routine down by now: a collection of various essays, sometimes closely related, sometimes rather loosely related, exposing the attrociously seedy underbelly of modern Israeli politics; so there is a rather random, haphazard nature to all Chamish’s works, as these essays, bound together in book form, contain occasional repetitions of facts which would have been edited out had it been written as an integrated, conceptualized book, and not merely a bound compilation of essays labeled a book. But hey, the guy’s got to make a buck, and he’s not getting a lot of help, so kudos to Chamish for simply finding a way to get the message out without starving.
Most of the articles in this collection pertain to the conspiracy behind the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin; some of the articles pertain to secret backdoor deals surrounding the Oslo Peace Accords; all of the articles finger Shimon Peres as the ultimate bad guy in Israel. As usual, what Chamish lacks in organizational, integrational book-writing skill, he more than makes up for in a bold and matchless authenticity to true investigative reporting, not to mention a preeminent first-hand working knowledge of the details of the political machinations of the modern nation of Israel. It is not much of an overestimation to say that a person probably will not understand what is really going on in Israel today without having been immersed in Chamish’s writings. He just tells it like it is, in a time when virtually nobody else is doing that anymore.
Indeed, the amount of detail in this smallish book quickly gets overwhelming to non-Israelis, and so it is not a very easy read; still, as a research and reference tool it is most profitable.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ