HITLER’S POPE by John Cornwell

by JF

One could compare reading a book like this, from a mainstream major book publisher, and then reading more candid and truthful books from small independent publishers, books like C.T. Wilcox’s “Transformation of the Republic” or John Daniel’s “The Grand Design Exposed” or Bill Hughes’s “The Secret Terrorists”–really, a person could compare it to drinking pasteurized orange juice as opposed to freshly squeezed. Because that’s what this book reads as–like there is a lot of good stuff in it, but it’s been sanitized because the powers-that-be think there’s a lot of stuff in there that we the little catechumen people shouldn’t have. Well, this here reader prefers the truth. And freshly squeezed.

Cornwell does a commendable job exposing a lot of dirty laundry about Pius XII and his obsequious (at best) behavior towards the Nazi regime; however, an author not writing for a major book publisher, an author who was not a Romanist himself as is Cornwell, would have embraced the better logic of calling this “The Pope’s Hitler.” THAT should have been the title of this. That is the only way this sordid, suppressed history makes sense. Even Cornwell could not help but show that Hitler was a tool of Pius XII, not the other way around, though he himself can’t see it. Actually, the book which proves this directly, and shows how backward Cornwell has it, is BEHIND THE DICTATORS by L.H. Lehman.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ