by JF

You can read this little book in a day or two, and if you do, you’ll almost assuredly know more about REAL–i.e., unsanitized, unfiltered–history, than you would have before. I don’t necessarily agree with Mr. Hughes’s more particular Seventh Day Adventist beliefs, at least not at this time, but for the bulk of the rest of it, I’m on board.

I highly recommend this work. Like his previous little but meritorious work, “Secret Terrorists”, this work too is heavily footnoted, despite its compact size. In a day and age of numerous distractions and numerous technologies which serve to dumb people down and keep them away from actually reading a book, Hughes has figured out a way to reach even these attention-deficit-ridden folks with the Truth, by bringing the size of the book down to them, so that, if they have a chance to read it, if they are exposed to it, yet still prefer watching television instead, playing with their XBox, and still going to mass on Sunday–well then they are without excuse.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ