by JF

This Marc Stevens fellow is quite feisty, and quite on target. He obviously has been taking on the bogus court system for quite some time, and he demonstrates how utterly “frivolous” is the entire practice of law and everything associated with it. Writing from what appears to be an unadulterated secular-libertarian position, Stevens illustrates how judges and lawyers and IRS agents are no different than any other common thief, except that they have the sanction of “authority” behind them. An incisive book like this really makes the reader lament the sheep-like mentality of common Americans. Stevens shows that Americans who pay speeding tickets and receive court summons, etc., are no different than any other subjugated slave. Literally. Stevens unmasks the bogus legitimacy of governments and legal systems with but a few simple questions that the “authorities” are loathe to answer.

The only complaint this reader has about this work is that it focuses too much on everyday minutia, and in doing so it never stops to examine the bigger picture. For example, Stevens’ work corroborates the work of researchers like James Montgomery and The Informer who have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the U.S. Constitution is a fraudulent document and the “Founding Fathers” were a bunch of self-serving elitists, no different from today’s politicians; also, Stevens confirms those researchers’ claims that the U.S. is still a British Colony and U.S. citizens are still paying taxes, ultimately, to the Old World elitist robber barons. But Stevens seldom takes it that far in his assertions, though the conclusion of his work is unavoidable.

Stevens also overuses the example of a man being stopped by a police officer and being required to show his I.D. It would have been nice if Stevens would have written about some other examples of common everyday tyranny that everybody takes for granted instead of going back to the well with this one over and over. Stevens also limits himself by constantly referring to the bad guys as “bureaucrats.” Unfortunately, this would tend to steer the reader’s ire toward policians and judges, but that reader would still be uninformed about the identity of the bosses of those puppet-crooks.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ