by JF

Hentoff is a longtime civil rights activist. He apparently goes way, way back. He’s also an atheistic democrat/socialist type (aren’t they all?).

Anyway, he does an often admirable job here of documenting the dangers of the Orwellian “Patriot Act,” how it basically eviscerates the Bill of Rights; there’s a lot of compelling legal and historical truth here despite the fact that that this book is written rather haphazardly, as though the author was in a hurry or something. Hentoff, to his credit, even cites a few “conservative republican” types in government today who have also been decrying the “Patriot Act”–guys like Bob Barr and Dick Armey.

Hentoff falls into a pit of obtuseness of his own making, however, as he seems to be blaming “the Bush Administration” for the encroaching totalitarianism all around us now. He never says so directly, but that is definitely the perception this reader got. One gets the feeling that, should a democrat be placed in office, then Hentoff would be content and quiet about things, even if totalitarianism in modern America was still oncoming like a tidal wave (and it will be). Hentoff also refers to our form of government as a “constitutional democracy” (whatever the heck that is) instead of a constitutional republic. Thus, Hentoff shows himself as no better than Amy Goodman and all the other democrat/socialist types who are still deluded into thinking there’s a difference between the republicans and democrats. These well meaning “liberal civil rights defenders” are too damnably obtuse to understand conspiratorial (i.e., “true”) history, and too willfully ignorant to accept the fact that there is no hope in this world apart from Jesus Christ.

(Note: Of course, the punch line to all this is that the Constitution and Bill of Rights en toto were and are a fraud, never even intended for us regular folk. See the works of James Montgomery, “The Informer,” and others.)

Rating: Δ Δ Δ