THE WAR AGAINST BOYS by Christina Hoff Sommers

by JF

How welcome it is to at last witness a modern “feminist” shed her prejudicial misandry long enough to take notice of the longstanding nationwide bias against boys in our current system of education! This was truly a refreshing read!

Ms. Somers documents how boys have been neglected, oppressed, and even systematically feminized by a gang of male-hating elitists with a lot of pull over formation of curriculum in this country. Somers combines cold hard facts with a rapier rhetorical style. She really slams academically esteemed feminist “scholars” like Carol Gilligan and Nancy Chodorow for hysterical claims of oppression against females in schools, at a time when all the research and test results showed (and continues to show) female dominance. She takes a well-deserved shot at other usual misandrist suspects as well–Gloria Allred and her ilk. Great stuff!–makes you want to stand up and cheer. And this gigantic hysterical popular culture lie–put forward by the Gilligans and the Allreds, et al–that we nowadays in America live in an oppressive “patriarchy”!–Give me a break! These lunatic misandrists do not even understand what a patriarchy is, quite obviously.

Somers shows how schools have been swept up by the spectacularly unfounded and grossly erroneous claims of these modern radical feminists, with the result being that schools are now actually teaching in a style which greatly favors the female learning style. In fact, in many cases, our young boys are being deliberately subverted–deliberately <em>feminized</em>. Again, Ms. Somers: Thank you for calling attention to this!

My only small complaint against Ms. Somers’ work comes on but a couple pages, wherein she makes the claim that, though the hysterically inaccurate “scholar” Carol Gilligan prided herself on comparisons between her work and that of Charles Darwin, Gilligan’s work differs from Darwin’s, according to Somers, in that, Darwin’s “main thesis had been confirmed by countless observations of the fossil record.” I must admit I got a little chuckle out of this, since even the astute Ms. Somers misfired here: in fact, she failed to see a huge irony: Darwin’s main thesis has been shown to reflect much the same unscientific bias as does Ms. Gilligan’s main thesis, that girls are “oppressed” today in today’s “patriarchal society.” Neither thesis has been proven; in fact both can be and have been DISproven, for those willing to embrace science only and leave preducial philosophies at the door.

But, other than that minor contention, this was a fantastic and invigoratingly candid book to read.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ