by JF

The author was a personal friend of King. What he documents makes it patently obvious that the American mainstream media systematically omitted the facts behind the assassination of MLK. Pepper shows that just about every alphabet agency of the American “shadow gov’t” was involved in the assassination of MLK, that (not surprisingly) elements of the KKK seems to have been involved, and that James Earl Ray was–you guessed it–a patsy, and that patsy James Earl Ray had a shadowy handler named “Raul”. Pepper also illustrates quite clearly that the entire “trial” of James Earl Ray was a sham.
Today, the American mainstream media portrays the assassination of MLK as having been some kind of “open-and-shut” case, with James Earl Ray being the assassin. What Pepper reveals is that the case is indeed an “open-and-shut” case, but that Ray had extremely little to do with it, other than being the stooge put forward by the Powers That Be.
Author also shows that the reason that MLK was assassinated was because he had changed the focus of his protests from the Civil Rights Movement over to Anti-Vietnam War Movement. Yeah, that went over like a lead brick with the banksters and the arms manufacturers and the international dope smuggling intelligence agencies.
I mean, this is really cut and dry what Peppers presents here. It is outrageous that the American public has never been told these extraordinarily obvious facts behind the assassination of MLK, and who really was involved, and how high up the conspiracy and the cover up actually goes. (Actually, Peppers apparently does not know how high the conspiracy/cover up actually goes, but he does prove that it goes at least as high as the levels of the U.S. gov’t.)
About the only complaint against this book is that the writing style is rather plodding and pedestrian. But as to the facts, the substance of the case, this author is impeccable.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ