CRUEL HOAX by Henry Makow

by JF

Henry Makow is one of the most incisive philosophical thinkers alive on the planet at this time. For young men and women who are looking to be in a loving and respecting relationship, Makow’s words of wisdom are inestimable. This book is a collection of essays which, though available on Makow’s website (, are well worth buying and having on hand on your book shelf, for this is information that probably cannot be found anywhere else.

Makow sees through the deception of modern radical feminism. He documents its occultic, elitist, and communistic origins, and he repeatedly gives the reason for it all: The deliberate destruction of Western Civilization by secret satanic societies and elite banksters by way of destroying any and all vestiges of masculine leadership in the middle class in order to facilitate a global oligarchical dictatorship.

Perhaps the most significant thing Makow does, and easily the most striking, is his demonstration of the ubiquity of the psychological attacks on masculinity in the mainstream media, which most every dumbhead, already emasculated and brainwashed westerner sees everywhere in front of his face but cannot recognize it for what it is.

If there is a flaw in Makow’s thought process and presentation it is his assessment of who sits atop the “Illuminati/New World Order.” For Makow, the top of the NWO pyramid is a group of elite Jewish banking interests, comingled with European royal familes. This is the same view held by the likes of Lyndon LaRouche, and that can never be a good thing. How a man as brilliant as Makow could get so far into his research of the NWO and manage to never encounter the footprints and fingerprints of the minions of the Vatican is truly mindboggling to behold. Thus, though he obviously knows a great deal about certain branches of history of “the Illuminati,” his attempts to describe the operation as a whole waxes somewhat puerile.

Makow is at his best when he writes more directly on the dangers of modern radical feminism. In fact, he does this better than anybody. There really is no one else like him.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ