DARK UNION by Leonard Guttridge and Ray Neff

by JF

This book is too paradigm-shattering for those who are still mind-numbed by the propagandistic history we are forcefed nowadays.
But I have read too many “alternative” histories to discount this. It answers WAAAAY too many questions and does so far too specifically.
In fact, this book makes an excellent companion piece to the crucial book “The Transformation of the Republic” by C.T. Wilcox. There are also about a dozen or two books from the 1800s, all out of print and no doubt suppressed (just like this book appears to be headed), which confirm and/or support what is written in “Dark Union”.
The weakness of this book is that the authors don’t fully understand the background and true history of John Surratt, the ringleader of the conspiracy to kill Lincoln. Those other books, including the Wilcox book, discuss that in depth and do so irrefutably.
But this book provides fascinating information about John Wilkes Booth, an underling in the conspiracy, and how and why and where he got away and was NOT really killed in Garrett’s barn by a hired clean-up assassin in gov’t employ (see: Jack Ruby). Also shown, very compellingly, is whose hapless body was really recovered from Garrett’s barn.
This is also the only book that I have come across which reveals the inevitable truth about backroom business deals between both sides which no doubt happened during this war.
Most readers won’t understand this book. That’s because the majority in any era or society is never, or at least seldom, right.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ