by JF

Around eight or nine years ago I first read this book. At the time, I thought it a quite informative, albeit somewhat brief, recording of the history of Croatia.

I didn’t know then what I know now.

The book begins its history of Croatia in the Middle Ages, and the narrative then continues to the present day. Most informative were the chapters which examined the political turmoil in and around Croatia at the close of the 19th and the turn of the 20th century, the turmoil that ultimately led to the creation of the 20th century hodgepodge nation of Yugoslavia. Also of notable interest was the history of the Yugoslavian politician Stjepan Radic, who seemed, by this account anyway, to be an unusually honest man for a politician and therefore was, naturally, another victim of modern political assassination.

But the trouble with this historical account, this older, wiser reader now realizes, is what it DOESN’T contain:  It doesn’t at all investigate the behind-the-scenes conspirators who really killed this Radic fellow, and it doesn’t focus enough–not even REMOTELY enough–on the truly nefarious intrigues of the Vatican over Croatia, and the horrendous history of what happened in Croatia during World War II, the events which Avro Manhattan called the “Vatican’s Holocaust.” Any book  which purports to give a history of Croatia, but leaves out such horribly egregious historical stains, is a book which has been whitewashed. It is a book laced with deception, a book in which gigantic facts have been omitted simply because they are found to be offensive to the Powers-That-Be.

And it is little wonder why so much historical truth is missing here: the book is published by Barnes & Noble. There’s your answer, right there.

Rating: Δ Δ