by JF

Here we go again with one of those memory-holed American classics from the late 1800s. This one came out in 1894. There must have been at least a dozen of these from that time period, all emphatically warning Americans to keep an eye on Rome, that Rome was very busy in the process of infiltrating and capturing the schools here, the American press, American churches, and of course the U.S. government itself. That all of these works from this time period are out-of-print and memory-holed should lend tons of credence to their message, but for most folks, dumbed-down as most folks are, it won’t.

        This time, this author focuses not only on the historical origins of the Society of Jesus, but he also provides a rather excellent and, excuse the pun, “intriguing” history of the specific events leading up to the respective historical expulsions of the S.o.J. by nearly every nation in Europe. This series of rare histories is the highlight of this book as the author devotes entire chapters or more to each respective country that had to kick the Jesuits out and why. There is a rich history here of the “Reductions”–the Indian slave communes set up by the Jesuits in 1600-1700 Paraguay and their almost constant intriguing from that bastion against Portugal, Spain, and the Papacy itself; after this the author records the sordid history of the Jesuitical missions to China and how these events eventually led Pope Clement XIV, a supposedly infallible pope, to abolish the order forever in an irrevocable declaration, only to have another supposedly infallible pope reestablish the order about 40 years later.

        Thompson thereafter, as had American John L. Brandt and others before him, then spends a great many pages warning Americans that, at that time in the late 1800s, Rome was busying itself mightily in an attempt to undermine and coopt the common school system here in this country. Rome had sent over an agent named Satolli and he was traveling all over the country and issuing statement after public statement for this very purpose, which of course the mainstream press at that time rarely or never printed because, as Thompson and Brandt were also dutifully warning, Rome had already taken over much of the press here.

        Reading this book and others like it from this time period in U.S. history greatly assists those few non-brainwashed fellows among us to finally understand the nature of the great conspiracy that we are up against nowadays when we talk of the “N.W.O.” However, be forewarned, reading a book like this, and others like it from this time period, can also lead to a strong feeling of surreality, as though the reader has just walked into an old TV episode of the Twilight Zone or something. Only, it’s real this time. Very real. And just like in the TV show, nobody’s going to listen to you, no one will believe you, you’re stuck with it, baby. You and three or four others, or thereabouts.
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