MARX & SATAN by Richard Wurmbrand

by JF

       Though this reader is in total accord with the author’s message and conclusions here, there is nevertheless, and rather unfortunately, a lot to find fault with about this book. Said faults include:

      It is a thin and not very scholarly work, quite overladen with rhetoric and subjective references to poetry at the expense of more exacting citations of greater concrete detail. While the Lucifer-laced poetry that Marx himself wrote is very relevant, some of the other poetic citations are not very salient.

      All of the evidence that Wurmser uses to show that Marx was a Satanist is circumstantial, though at least Wurmser is honest enough to admit this. To that it must be added, however, that the aggregation of this circumstantial evidence is at the very least eyebrow-raising.

      Wurmser doesn’t distinguish between Romanism and Protestantism vs. Scriptural Christianity.

      Wurmser tends to meander in his thoughts and arguments and thus the chapters are often only nominally separated in topic. The book suffers from an overall lack of organization.

      Wurmser rightly understands that capitalism, just like communism, or any other “ism,” is inherently flawed, and that no system of mankind apart from Jesus Christ is going to function well; nevertheless, Wurmser is obviously naive and pollyanna-ish about the true nature of the modern United States Empire.

       Wurmser, although he does attribute much of Marx’s thinking to a Luciferian handler named Moses Hess, nevertheless implicitly attributes the authorship of The Communist Manifesto to Karl Marx, and as other and more assiduous researchers have revealed, this is a dubious presumption.

        Notwithstanding these flaws, this is a worthy and important book for the sole reason that it does provide some compelling circumstantial argumentation that Marx probably was a Satanist, and that Marxism is fundamentally Satanic in nature. Wurmser does provide some specific examples from Marx’s life which would seem to damn the man beyond all hope of redemption.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ