THE HOPEVILLE FIRE DEPARTMENT by Tony Lembo (w/Foster Winans)

by JF

This is one man’s story of having been molested as a 14-year old boy by a serial-pedophiliac priest in Connecticut. The priest liked to pose as a mock chaplain of the state police and the fire department, and used to collect and refurbish vintage fire engines and take little boys for rides in parades in order to lure the little boys into his lair of pederasty. The sicko also had a police radio and would chase ambulances, police, and the fire department on emergency calls.

      It is a well written book, rather short, that can be read in a day and a half or so. It practically turns its own pages because it is such a compelling story. It will make the reader angry and disgusted, however. There is some salacious stuff in here. It’s shocking how long this priest got away with doing what he was doing, and it is somewhat clear that the priest was part of a bigger network of pedophilia involving both other priests and to some extent, yes, even local law enforcement officials.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ