by JF

Published in 1978, this is a fantastically revealing book which documents the sinister history behind the leading industrial corporation which fueled Hitler’s war machine. I.G. Farben would eventually morph into such modern, “trustworthy” corporations like Bayer. Creepy. Sobering. Especially when you learn from reading this book how intimately involved was I.G. Farben with the gassing of the Jews during the Holocaust. Intimately, as in, they made the gas and profited from it. And that’s only the beginning, the tip of the Aryan iceberg, so to speak. They also got into the concentration work-camp business themselves. It seems the SS wasn’t efficient enough for modern industry.

Borkin initially covers the history of I.G. Farben during WWI. And that was ugly enough, especially when one reads that it was Farben that allowed the Germans to initiate the use of poison gas during WWI–and profited from it, of course. But what Farben degenerated into by the time WWII rolled around is truly shocking to read, especially for a book like this that was published by a mainstream book publishing company. Equally shocking and sobering is Borkin’s documentation of how intimately the American corporation Standard Oil was involved with I.G. Farben, and the fact that any non-retarded reader of this book will be able to easily discern the unmistakeable truth that what Farben turned into for brownshirt Nazi Germany, Standard Oil and/or other American corporations can readily turn into, and are in the process of turning into, for brownshirt Teabagger-Dominionist America. This is suppressed history everybody needs to know.

And then of course the last couple of chapters is where Borkin documents how I.G. Farben basically and ultimately got away with it all. Certainly you’ll have to see Jeremiah 17:9 for further clarification on how a thing like that could happen.

The only minor fault this reader can find with this book is on one page where the author automatically dismisses the “rumors” that certain factories in WWII Germany were never bombed because they were affiliated with American Wall Street interests. This is, unfortunately and inevitably, the “mainstream book publisher” aspect of this book raising it’s ugly, whitewashing head. Look man, that’s a helluva lot more than just a rumor. Read Antony Sutton. Specifically, read Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler by Antony Sutton. You’ll never think it was just a rumor again.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ