DR. MARY’S MONKEY by Edward T. Haslam

by JF

      This is a phenomenal book! The author seems to have lived some kind of Forrest Gump-type life in connection to the New Orleans side of the JFK assassination conspiracy; many of the creatures and components of his subject matter he knows from personal experience, having known or briefly met the personages in the past, or having walked right by the same grounds, or having stood in the same building that he is writing about.
      Dr. Mary refers to Mary Sherman, a leading cancer researcher, who was found having been violently murdered in New Orleans in the aftermath of the JFK assassination. Haslam shows she was working with David Ferrie, and for the nationally prestigious Dr. Alton Ochsner, to develop a cancer-causing super virus that the CIA could use to assassinate Fidel Castro. Haslam shows she may very well have also been seeking to find a cure for an upcoming epidemic of soft-tissue cancers that wise fools like Sabin and Salk had inadvertantly introduced into the American population via the tainted polio vaccine. These latter scientists apparently figured out, belatedly, that the polio vaccine they had manufactured and injected into hundreds of thousands of young, baby-booming Americans had incorporated cancer-causing monkey viruses from the monkeys that were used to culture the polio vaccine.
      Well, the cancer weapon was probably found, although it was obviously not used on Castro; it was, however, probably used to silence Jack Ruby, the man who was of course hired to kill Lee Oswald.
      Haslam shows that Oswald was deeply involved in Dr. Sherman’s and David Ferrie’s secret cancer project, filling the role of a bagman and “go-for.” Oswald was also committing adultery with a 19-year old female science whiz kid who had been chosen to assist Dr. Sherman.
      Haslam shows, moreover, that the official crime scene report documenting what was found and what apparently happened at Dr. Sherman’s house does not fit the forensic facts surrounding Dr. Sherman’s death; that she was probably not murdered in her apartment, but had apparently been killed while working with the super-secret linear particle accelerator that had been covertly built and housed at a New Orleans government hospital. The linear particle accelerator was cutting edge technology, was collossally powerful, and subsequently was the only thing capable of causing the horrific, disintegrating burns on Dr. Sherman’s body, and it was this massive weapon/research tool that was in fact being used by Sherman and Ochsner to super-irradiate cancer viruses, purposely distorting their genetic structure.
      This book shines so much light on the dark activities of Oswald, Ferrie, Clay Shaw, Guy Banister, the JFK assassination as a whole, the Castro Fiasco; it is truly astounding. As did Joan Mellon’s work, this book also vindicates the Jim Garrison investigation. However, this book also uncovers shocking evidence that the current cancer epidemic of today, as well as the AIDS epidemic, may in fact be grounded in these conspiratorial government/medical happenings around New Orleans. Again, this book is amazingly revealing.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ