by JF

One of the most significant health-related books that any American could read today. Ron Schmid documents the memory-holed history of milk, first in the ancient to not-so-ancient world, and then to examining colonial America to present America. The history of raw milk, versus the history of pasteurized milk, is compared and contrasted; likewise, the health benefits of raw milk, versus the health risks of pasteurized milk, are compared and contrasted. Contemporary scientific and legislative facts about raw milk vs. the pasteurized stuff are discussed in depth as well. Most readers will be utterly shocked by what they are confronted with here: They will be forced to see that, unlike the propaganda of the mainstream corporate-controlled media, it is pasteurized milk that poses a deadly and ever present danger to the public, not certified raw milk.

This is history, and these are scientific nutritional facts, that the small and powerful monopoly of pasteurized dairy corporations in America do not want you to know about. A man who reads this book will likely never purchase nor drink pasteurized milk again as long as he lives. But, even more surprisingly, a man who considers himself not to be a milk-drinker, upon reading this book, will likely seek out and regularly drink certified raw milk for the rest of his life. Yes, this is one of those rare “life-changing” books. It is perhaps not an overstatement to say that if every American were to read this book, even as dumbed-down as most Americans are today, then the entire pasteurized dairy monopoly of North America would all go out of business in a month’s time.

Schmid, the author, is a naturopathic physician. We need more naturopaths. Only a physician outside of  the Rockefeller-controlled, petro-chemical medical establishment could write a book like this. The factual history in this book is either denied or, more likely, altogether unknown to most allopathic physicians and nutritionists; the scientific-nutritional facts in this book are either erroneously denied by them or, more likely, ignored altogether. To read that the prestigious Mayo Clinic once regularly prescribed a dietary regimen of nothing but raw milk to patients with a wide variety of chronic illnesses as late as the 1920s, and how this “Milk Cure” proved remarkably efficacious for nearly all of these patients, is truly startling stuff, and it should be so, for the historian of today, for the physician of today, as well as for the nutritionist of today.

This is a truly superlative work!

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ