by JF

This book tells the story of the THOUSANDS of Americans, both military and civilian, who were experimented upon by the U.S. government and U.S. government scientists and doctors all during the decades of the Cold War. All of the experiments involved plutonium. The United States Fatherland had its new toy, the atomic bomb, and the U.S. military, and U.S. scientific and medical academies were all fanatically eager to find out what were the effects of plutonium and all things radioactive upon the human body.

This book does more than tell a story: This book voluminously documents a ubiquitous criminal hidden history, a history that belongs to America and yet resembles almost exactly the history of Nazi Germany and its own official secret scientific experiments upon unsuspecting innocent people. The criminal American scientists and doctors violated laws, the violation of oaths they had taken, and it is exquisitely alarming to see with what alacrity these Americans in white coats tripped over themselves early and often in violating the Nuremburg Code. This is a truly disturbing revelation: The U.S.  had just prosecuted the Nazi white coats for crimes against humanity, one of the chief crimes being brutal experimentation on innocent humans. So the Nuremburg Code was  no doubt fresh upon the consciousness of these macabre U.S. scientists, doctors, and military men; and yet, their consciences seemed not have been affected in the least; to be sure their progress was not slowed in the least. And it wasn’t just individuals who acted devilishly: It is utterly sobering to read how many great “institutions of higher learning” were involved in these experiments upon unwitting Americans using plutonium.

And as one might expect, the methods used to experiment on those poor innocent people were multitudinous: Some were injected with radioactive materials; some expectant mothers were told to drink a “vitamin drink” which was a radioactive cocktail; some were nuked in specially made, lead-lined rooms; ill-informed military troops were told to walk up to and through fallout zones and ill-informed pilots were told to fly through mushroom clouds. They experimented on poorly educated pregnant mothers; they experimented on poor defenseless orphan boys (naturally); they experimented on prisoners confined in U.S. prisons. And this didn’t happen in Hitlerian Germany; this all happened in the good ol’ U.S.A.

And the culprits got all away with it. (At least here in this earthly existence). Actually, truth be told, quite a few of the scientists themselves were also killed by way of their own plutonium. Now there’s poetic justice for you.

This book is well written and looks to be irrefutably documented. If there is any flaw to the book, it is that the author waxes a bit naive toward the Clinton Administration near the end. Considering all the rest she got right, this is mostly forgiveable.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ