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Month: January, 2012


This is an extraordinary book, although most of it does not make for easy reading. It was published in 1883 by a 32nd degree Freemason. Sherman was, in fact, a noteworthy Freemasonic historian from California, and he happened to have been witness to a most extraordinary event. Here is that event as described on the Internet at  http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/vatican/jesuits/secret.htm

“In 1870 a French archeologist slipped unobtrusively into the office of the  Secretary of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in San Francisco, California. He had been sent into the remote recesses of the Andes, where Pizarro and his army had conquered the Incas more than three centuries before. He had rented a room in a tiny village. This he used as a base of his operations. To this spot he returned periodically to rest from the dangerously high altitudes and to write his reports for shipment back to France. While he was away, the family frequently rented the same room to overnight guests. One of these happened to be a Jesuit official. On his departure he forgot a little book which he had hidden under the mattress. The French archeologist accidentally found it. It was the Secret Instructions of the Society of Jesus—the top classified manual of procedure for the trusted leaders of the Jesuit Order. It was in Latin and bore the seal, signature and attestation of the General and Secretary of the Order in Rome.

For the next few days the Frenchman labored furiously translating the work in stenographic notes into French. He then replaced the book and left. The Jesuit returned in a few days inquiring nervously about his little black packet. He also wanted to know if anyone had occupied the room since his departure. On learning of the archeologist he began a search so relentless that the Frenchman had to leave Peru. He finally reached San Francisco and entrusted his precious but dangerous burden to Edwin A. Sherman, the Secretary of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in California. Mr. Sherman included the <em>Secret Instructions in his book The Engineer Corps of Hell published in 1882. For several years Edwin Sherman was the Masonic Historian of California. He was highly esteemed for his great accuracy and dependability.”

           The first 1/3 of this book is taken up with the aforementioned Secret Instructions. Approximately the next and middle 1/3 of the book is the easiest to read. Here Sherman recounts the true facts about the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. Much of what he recounts here is also detailed in Fifty Years in the Church of Rome by Charles Chiniquy, which was published shortly after this book. However, what is exquisitely fascinating here is that Sherman provides some specific details about the Roman conspiracy behind the assassination of President Lincoln that not even Chiniquy provides. Furthermore, Sherman provides some extremely intriguing and most singular revelations about the surreptitious Papal takeover of the Confederate States just prior to, and during, the War Between the States. The final 1/3 of the book or so is a compilation of certain other very salient and revealing papal and other documents, such as transcripts of Pope Pius IX’s “Syllabus of Errors” from 1870, and Pope Sextus V’s Bull against Queen Elizabeth which set up the chain of events leading to the ill-fated invasion of the Spanish Armada, and a good deal of other very damning and very privy information about the Mother of Harlots.

        Fascinating that this would be written by a high-degree freemason. It makes this reader wonder why, if the author had the penetrative vision to see the truth behind the veil of Roman lies, then why couldn’t he see behind the lies of his own Luciferian religious system? (There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.~ Proverbs 14:12)
Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ



        This is one of many books from the 1800s warning about the plan of the Society of Jesus to take over the world and install global totalitarianism. This one comes from Europe, and it was published in 1848. It is LOOOOOOONG out-of-print and that is anything but the result of happenstance. It was written by an Italian would-be Jesuit-in-training who accidentally walked in on a conversation between some very high ranking Jesuits which may have included the very Superior General himself at the time. The shocking megalomaniacal topic of the conversation he overheard caused this Italian priest to immediately abandon his plans to become a Jesuit, and to covertly write this extraordinarily revealing book.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ


Published in 1978, this is a fantastically revealing book which documents the sinister history behind the leading industrial corporation which fueled Hitler’s war machine. I.G. Farben would eventually morph into such modern, “trustworthy” corporations like Bayer. Creepy. Sobering. Especially when you learn from reading this book how intimately involved was I.G. Farben with the gassing of the Jews during the Holocaust. Intimately, as in, they made the gas and profited from it. And that’s only the beginning, the tip of the Aryan iceberg, so to speak. They also got into the concentration work-camp business themselves. It seems the SS wasn’t efficient enough for modern industry.

Borkin initially covers the history of I.G. Farben during WWI. And that was ugly enough, especially when one reads that it was Farben that allowed the Germans to initiate the use of poison gas during WWI–and profited from it, of course. But what Farben degenerated into by the time WWII rolled around is truly shocking to read, especially for a book like this that was published by a mainstream book publishing company. Equally shocking and sobering is Borkin’s documentation of how intimately the American corporation Standard Oil was involved with I.G. Farben, and the fact that any non-retarded reader of this book will be able to easily discern the unmistakeable truth that what Farben turned into for brownshirt Nazi Germany, Standard Oil and/or other American corporations can readily turn into, and are in the process of turning into, for brownshirt Teabagger-Dominionist America. This is suppressed history everybody needs to know.

And then of course the last couple of chapters is where Borkin documents how I.G. Farben basically and ultimately got away with it all. Certainly you’ll have to see Jeremiah 17:9 for further clarification on how a thing like that could happen.

The only minor fault this reader can find with this book is on one page where the author automatically dismisses the “rumors” that certain factories in WWII Germany were never bombed because they were affiliated with American Wall Street interests. This is, unfortunately and inevitably, the “mainstream book publisher” aspect of this book raising it’s ugly, whitewashing head. Look man, that’s a helluva lot more than just a rumor. Read Antony Sutton. Specifically, read Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler by Antony Sutton. You’ll never think it was just a rumor again.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ


I have gone back and forth with this book, and this is the third and (I hope) the final review of it that I shall write. It is truly an exasperating book because, on the one hand, the authors make some very good points in showing that King James apparently did indeed have some of his elite croney-scholars on the 1611 translating committee gently tweak a bit of the language here and there ostensibly in order to subtlely enhance the position of the church hierarchy of England as well as the monarchy. Here are a couple of the very intriguing points these authors raise:

1) William Tyndale, whose New Testament translation set the stage for the King James, had only used the word “church” twice, and both times Tyndale had used it to mean a pagan temple! Tyndale instead used the word “congregation” in all the other verses in which the King James Bible uses the word “church.”
2) The King James translaters several times inserted the words “office of” in front of words like “bishop” or “deacon.” Nowhere in the original Greek Text is there anything resembling or calling for the insertion of those words.

However, these authors also tend toward the duplicitous, sometimes cleverly steering the reader to make conclusions that are not accurate. One evidence of this occurs in chapter two where these authors cleverly use the structure of their text to imply that Tyndale did not use the word “bishop,” and that only the King James Bible uses the word “bishop.” But then, upon checking back with the Tyndale New Testament, it is found that Tyndale also uses the word “bishop” for the verses cited, even in the Ye Olde English. Now, a more careful second or third read shows that nowhere did these authors explicitly state that Tyndale did not use “bishop,” but any casual reader encountering chapter two of this book will and must indeed come away expecting that Tyndale must not have used that word at all, and it must only occur in the KJV, because the implication here is that preponderant. This is not the action of someone writing with an honest spirit, and it taints the rest of this work.

Of greatest importance, though, in all the decrying over what King James probably did, nowhere is there a warning that people not then choose the new, bogus, Alexandrian counterfeit “bibles” instead. The NIV, NASV, RSV, ESV, LB, NKJV, etc., are NOT the real Bible. They are gnostic/Romanist counterfeits, and readers should have been warned of that here, and they are not. Thus, this book is irresponsibly dangerous in the hands of someone not knowledgable of the Alexandrian vs. Antioch manuscript history.

Rating: Δ Δ

WHO PAID THE PIPER? by Frances Saunders

       This is a hugely significant book but don’t expect it to be an enjoyable read. Not that the author is not a competent writer; she is. She is also quite obviously a painstaking researcher. Nevertheless the reason this book reads like molasses is because of the subject matter: Ms. Saunders is writing about CIA intelligence operatives, essentially, and people like that are first handpicked for the job because of a nondescript nature, which is then (I suppose) trained and drilled and trained again to become even more nondescript, such is the requirement of a career in espionage. So Ms. Saunders is writing about people who excel at camouflaging themselves, at not standing out from the crowd, and this invariably makes for tedious reading. Still, this is extremely important and most troubling hidden history regarding America’s use of propaganda during the height of the Cold War.

       Basically, the gist of the book is this: The CIA got a group of middling-to-fairly-high-level agents together, provided them with seemingly unlimited funding from the Ford Foundation and others (and many of those “others” were CIA dummy storefront operations created for the sole purpose of laundering large amounts of money), told them to round up all the intellectuals in Europe, wine and dine them, win them over to “our side,” set up a bunch of conferences about “freedom” and “democracy,” put together a few patriotic, well publicized operas, and then above all to publish CIA/Ford Foundation-funded propaganda magazines where the works of those European intellectuals who “saw the light” about the virtues of “American capitalism” and “democratic freedom” could get their stuff published and disseminated all over Europe. In short, the book documents American propaganda efforts in Europe during the height of the Cold War.
      Again, it is a book that needed to be written, but again, it’s not a very fun one to read. None of these CIA characters were compelling, and some of them were inveterate scumbags, albeit boring, nondescript scumbags.
      Easily the most interesting parts of the book occur when Ms. Saunders documents the extraordinary and little-known historical fact of how the CIA came to hijack the central message of George Orwell’s last two masterful novels, Animal Farm and 1984. Orwell’s message had clearly been that BOTH communism AND capitalism inevitably degenerate into what he called “oligarchical collectivism.” It might fairly be said of Orwell that he gave his very life trying to show the world, through his writing, that the Cold War was a fraud and there was no “right side” in the contest. But that did not stop the ubiquitous and amoral E. Howard Hunt and the CIA from hurriedly purchasing the film rights to Orwell’s work from Sonia Brownell, whom Orwell had recently married three months prior to his death (or murder?). Sonia Brownell, who possibly was the inspiration for Orwell’s wanton and cleverly pragmatic character “Julia” in the novel 1984, ironically sold the film rights to the CIA boys for some quick cash and a base promise that she would get to meet actor Clark Gable. (Note: Everyone agrees on the Clark Gable thing, even those who defend Brownell as a “dogged defender” of Orwell’s legacy. For this reader, this incident pretty much tells what kind of mettle this woman was made of.) Having obtained the film rights to both Animal Farm and 1984, the CIA then set about spending gads of foundation money in making film versions of both, both of which completely distorted Orwell’s main message in order to make the “capitalistic West” look like the good guys, and only Communist Russia the bad guys. If ever there was a time to use that old cliche “so-and-so must be rolling in his grave,” this was it, because Orwell’s express wishes and central message had been 180 degrees perverted; instead of his work serving to shine a light on the bogusness of the Cold War, it had been hijacked and perverted in order to serve as propaganda to fuel the very Cold War he had been trying to warn against.
      As revealing as this book is, coming from a major book publisher as it does, those with discernment would expect to find occasional moments of staggering naivete on the part of the author, and boy do we ever find that. Here are a few:

1) On pages 294-295, Saunders cites that TS Eliot and another writer criticized Orwell for “faults and inconsistencies” in the plotline of Animal Farm. She seems to even takes sides with them. What she, and Eliot, didn’t do is give Orwell the benefit of the doubt for knowing exactly what he was doing when writing Animal Farm.

2) On page 303, Saunders actually swallows the CIA’s lie about the CIA not knowing what was happening during the Soviet suppression of the Hungarian Revolution.

3) On pages 424-426, Saunders shows she actually believes the major media lies about the “accidental death” of former CIA director William Colby in the 1990s, and the “suicide” of Secretary of Defense James Forrestal in the 1950s. Balderdash.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ

THE HOPEVILLE FIRE DEPARTMENT by Tony Lembo (w/Foster Winans)

This is one man’s story of having been molested as a 14-year old boy by a serial-pedophiliac priest in Connecticut. The priest liked to pose as a mock chaplain of the state police and the fire department, and used to collect and refurbish vintage fire engines and take little boys for rides in parades in order to lure the little boys into his lair of pederasty. The sicko also had a police radio and would chase ambulances, police, and the fire department on emergency calls.

      It is a well written book, rather short, that can be read in a day and a half or so. It practically turns its own pages because it is such a compelling story. It will make the reader angry and disgusted, however. There is some salacious stuff in here. It’s shocking how long this priest got away with doing what he was doing, and it is somewhat clear that the priest was part of a bigger network of pedophilia involving both other priests and to some extent, yes, even local law enforcement officials.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ

DR. MARY’S MONKEY by Edward T. Haslam

      This is a phenomenal book! The author seems to have lived some kind of Forrest Gump-type life in connection to the New Orleans side of the JFK assassination conspiracy; many of the creatures and components of his subject matter he knows from personal experience, having known or briefly met the personages in the past, or having walked right by the same grounds, or having stood in the same building that he is writing about.
      Dr. Mary refers to Mary Sherman, a leading cancer researcher, who was found having been violently murdered in New Orleans in the aftermath of the JFK assassination. Haslam shows she was working with David Ferrie, and for the nationally prestigious Dr. Alton Ochsner, to develop a cancer-causing super virus that the CIA could use to assassinate Fidel Castro. Haslam shows she may very well have also been seeking to find a cure for an upcoming epidemic of soft-tissue cancers that wise fools like Sabin and Salk had inadvertantly introduced into the American population via the tainted polio vaccine. These latter scientists apparently figured out, belatedly, that the polio vaccine they had manufactured and injected into hundreds of thousands of young, baby-booming Americans had incorporated cancer-causing monkey viruses from the monkeys that were used to culture the polio vaccine.
      Well, the cancer weapon was probably found, although it was obviously not used on Castro; it was, however, probably used to silence Jack Ruby, the man who was of course hired to kill Lee Oswald.
      Haslam shows that Oswald was deeply involved in Dr. Sherman’s and David Ferrie’s secret cancer project, filling the role of a bagman and “go-for.” Oswald was also committing adultery with a 19-year old female science whiz kid who had been chosen to assist Dr. Sherman.
      Haslam shows, moreover, that the official crime scene report documenting what was found and what apparently happened at Dr. Sherman’s house does not fit the forensic facts surrounding Dr. Sherman’s death; that she was probably not murdered in her apartment, but had apparently been killed while working with the super-secret linear particle accelerator that had been covertly built and housed at a New Orleans government hospital. The linear particle accelerator was cutting edge technology, was collossally powerful, and subsequently was the only thing capable of causing the horrific, disintegrating burns on Dr. Sherman’s body, and it was this massive weapon/research tool that was in fact being used by Sherman and Ochsner to super-irradiate cancer viruses, purposely distorting their genetic structure.
      This book shines so much light on the dark activities of Oswald, Ferrie, Clay Shaw, Guy Banister, the JFK assassination as a whole, the Castro Fiasco; it is truly astounding. As did Joan Mellon’s work, this book also vindicates the Jim Garrison investigation. However, this book also uncovers shocking evidence that the current cancer epidemic of today, as well as the AIDS epidemic, may in fact be grounded in these conspiratorial government/medical happenings around New Orleans. Again, this book is amazingly revealing.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ


Written in the late 1980s, this book was one of the first to seriously question the popular “scientific” mythology of the origin of AIDS. According to Los Angeles physician Cantwell (and a number of others since), the newly discovered AIDS virus–if there even is such a thing, for some have come forward questioning whether it really is a virus that causes the symptoms of AIDS–was created in a laboratory and then injected into metropolitan homosexual men in the U.S. in the late 1970s; the homosexual men were told they were taking part in an experimental hepatitis-B vaccine program. Cantwell shows that the outbreak of the AIDS epidemic closely corresponded to where and when these “hepatitis-B vaccine programs” were occurring. Cantwell also provides evidence that Africans and Haitians may have been injected with the AIDS virus as part of separate “vaccine programs.”

      This will shock the average reader but Cantwell anticipated that, and thus provides much documentation to show that the U.S. government and medical authorities have used American citizens as unwitting guinea pigs for MANY experiments all throughout the twentieth century.

      Some of the material in this book is a bit dated; most of it still is very relevant. The author has an amateurish writing habit of using multitudes of capital letters whenever he thinks some particular sentence or entire paragraph is worth emphasizing. That’s about the only real criticism to be found here. This is still a fairly recommendable book.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ

APOLLYON RISING 2012 by Tom Horn

The good: The book is well written and contains some quality esoteric information on freemasonry and the freemasonic architecture of Washington D.C.

The bad: Everything else: 1) He blames the totalitarian formation of the occultic New World Order on everybody’s favorite whipping boy, the freemasons. Sure, why not, it’s much safer to blame them. Just ask Dr. Stan;  2) He constantly cites his pre-trib cottage-industry cronies as valuable and trustworthy sources of important information, such false teachers as Chuck Missler, the Gilberts, etc. Yeah, that crowd of fellow self-affirming, pre-tribby podcasters and book peddlers;  3) He is an author who writes what he writes, first and foremost, simply to make a living, and the fact that he may feel that what he is writing about is important information that the public needs to know about is obviously of secondary importance here—one gets the distinct impression in reading Horn and his ilk that if any and all profit margin was taken away from what he’s doing, then he would just as soon go seek something else to do instead that would bring in some kind of profit;  4) The subject matter here is all spooky, ooga-booga Nephilim stuff, based on nothing but pure pre-tribby conjecture which rests upon a foundation of biased, pre-tribby eisegesis of bogus “bible versions” and dubious apocryphal books of debatable antiquity and unsure authorship. It’s the sort of purely speculative, Armageddon-gothic sensationalism that holds conspiracy-minded pre-tribbers mesmerized nowadays and unable to focus on more serious, more pressing, and more concrete realities and histories which menace them in these times in every facet of their lives, all of it unseen by them, of course, because they are so mesmerized by said spooky sensationalism;  5) Horn, like Hal Lindsay and other false teachers, shows himself to be an unscriptural “date-setter”;  6) Even as the Chuck Misslers and Gary Norths of the evangelical world once played up and profited from the bogus Y2K scare, Horn likewise plays up and profits from the latest doom-and-gloom sensationalistic fad, the Mayan-Calendar 2012 scare.

The ugly: Horn begins slipping in references to Roman Catholic sources about 1/3 of the way through the book, treating them as though they were authorative, “Christian” sources of information, and this practice he slowly increases with good subtlety as the book goes along, until he closes the last few pages of the book with much ado about the writings of Malachi Martin and other more ancient Romanist false teachers, always inferring that these are somehow authoritative. Horn even begins using Romanist language when he refers to practicing Holy Communion as practicing “the Eucharist.” Horn also deceptively refers to the Vatican-controlled Knights of Malta as being “masonic-connected”–as if that would be anywhere near as important as the fact that they are controlled by the Vatican. Ugh. Quite the stinkbomb of disinfo here.

Rating: Δ


This book goes an extremely long way towards proving that the term “fossil fuels” is an egregious misnomer, and that oil, coal, and gas are in fact the product of natural processes constantly happening deep underground. Gold all but demonstrates that, similar to recently discovered biospheres in deep-water oceanic volcanic vents which do not require photosynthesis at all, there must be a likewise occurring deep hot biosphere within the Earth’s crust, microbes which exist in the innumerable and microscopic pores in rocks, thriving on great pressures, and subsisting on upwelling carbon molecules that the Earth constantly produces. Of course, if this kind of knowledge got out and became widespread, what this would do is demolish the Big Oil Industry’s lie that oil is becoming scarce on Earth, and this of course would require that oil prices come down to honest levels, and of course that isn’t going to happen, which is why you probably never heard of this book, nor this man Gold’s findings, have you?

Gold manages to make the naturally boring subject of geology seem somewhat interesting, and he seems to be a true maverick, at least within this field.

Of particular interest for this reader was the chapter on earthquakes, arguing that earthquakes may be caused by gas erupting from the earth (as apparently most ancient learned scholars believed), rather than the plate tectonic causal theory. This is fascinating because Gold goes into the common occurrence of disparate peoples around the world describing what they discern as “earthquake weather” shortly before an earthquake. Gold speculates that escaping gases from the earth may form a peculiar haze that somewhat more perceptive people pick up on. This theory, if it should hold true, someday could, as Gold points out, make predicting earthquakes an actuality. (Alas, the eugenic oligarchs of the world and this country would have something to say about that, though, this reader is sure.)

The only fault with this book is also where a rather flagrant irony can be spotted, and it is this: Gold spends the entire book demonstrating why geological scientists should not simply assume a theory to be true, simply because it is in vogue; however, for the last two chapters of the book, Gold delves into the subject of “Evolution” to ostensibly lend further corroboration for his theory, and he never once stops to consider whether or not he too has obtusely assumed whether another theory–Darwinism–is true, or whether it is but another fragile paradigm waiting to be shattered, as he himself has just shattered the biogenic “fossil fuel” theory.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ